My friend works in the production of OUAT

And you know Wendy’s wig? It was Belle’s originally before Emilie got cast as regular and got to dye her hair. It was cut and dyed a different shade. 

There is a lot of butt hurt Emma fans in the Jean Grey tag

I know you want Scott to go back to worshiping her and her to be queen of the X-Men again and having her Mary Sue telepathic power levels. 

But seriously, Emma can kiss Jean’s lily white ass and in the last issue of Battle of the Atom Jean gave no fucks. Emma is the one obsessed with her, so that’s her problem, not Jean’s. 

It seems her fans have the same problem as Emma herself. Their little obsession with Jean to boost Emma on the totem pole. 

I love Emma, but if the choice comes down to it I’ll pick Jean. 

I think the X-Men fans all over the internet can hear the Emma Frost fans crying

Shite. Xorna took down Emma and the Cuckoos. I love ya Emma, but you’ve lost every single time you try to take on Jean. Stop freakin challenging her and get over your Jean hatred. I mean your powers are broken and you’re still trying to take her on, Jean’s not just an omega telepath but an omega mutant, while your at it. 

Emma get over Scott because he is turning you into a sloppy ass mess and Jean gets to be the shady bitch queen of the X-men.

There wasn’t much of Emma but gotta say…guess who’s back?

There wasn’t much of Emma but gotta say…guess who’s back?

Joanna Garcia!!!

We saw her at Vancouver airport. We didn’t take photos because she had her baby with her and we were in a rush to catch our flight. She was incredibly nice though. It was awesome seeing her. 

And she was sporting red hair:) Like Ygritte’s color on GoT. Me want.

Spoiler Round-up for final two episodes

Read no further if thou wants no spoilers.

  • Alehna (Evanna Lynch) is the name of Taryn’s daughter
  • Taryn will possess Tiger and mess with Sinbad’s affection for her. She will use Sinbad to her advantage.
  • Setting for episode 11 will be a monastery, very Rome-looking but is set in Malta.
  • Journey to the Land of the Dead is an “awkward” place to find
  • Gunnar gets some kissing action
  • Gunnar will be put on trial but is innocent—at least for this crime
  • Jealous monks
  • Taryn. dressed as a nun. a nun
  • Taryn hitches a ride
  • The Land of the Dead’s entrance is in the vortex of a whirlpool. 
  • They will face creatures called “Guardians”
  • Jamil will be present in the final episode
  • Brothers are united
  • Mother and daughter are reunited
  • Only one of the dead will return to the living and even then the ending will be trippy
  • Gunnar knocks out Taryn because she will not leave Tiger’s body
  • Not sure if my sources are correct, but just as Tiger and Sinbad finish a kiss, a certain Basra resident beginning with “N” and rhymes with “Tala” turns up. Not sure if this is legit, but I think my sources are playing this one up a bit. Sounds too clichéd, even for the show, though I would love for Nala return to the crew.
  • Anwar’s crush on Rina will become more apparent, but alas this will be a slow-burn relationship. Don’t expect a kiss. Maybe a peck at most. Writers are going to play this relationship out the longest.
  • Tiger will prove herself a worthy ally and she becomes more of a partner to Sinbad. Expect flirtatiously charged bantering and bickering. Possibly another  sword fight.
  • Tiger resists some of Sinbad’s romantic comments toward her.
  • Taryn is just “misunderstood”. Her actions while violent, her motives are pure.

And there you have it. Make of it what you will and interpret the crap out of it. Nothings solid.


Sinbad 1x11 promotional images

The crew wind up at a monastery to ask one of Tiger’s acquaintances about how to travel to the land of the dead.

Gunnar gets the hots for a widow named Lara, but she has a jealous and creepy admirer whose not so happy about Lara’s interest in the crew’s mighty fine resident blonde Viking. 

Turns out Taryn is mad at Tiger for not retrieving her bounty (Sinbad) and instead uses the attraction between Tiger and Sinbad to her own and advantage. 

Looks to be a week of romantic entanglements, so lets hope they’ll be able to get out of this one alive. 

Sinbad 1x10

Tiger is officially a crew mate. Rumour has it that Anwar’s unrequited crush on Rina will come to the forefront in upcoming episodes. Let’s hope a rejection is not involved.

Promotional stills for Sinbad episode 9*

This episode involves a labyrinth with the crew unaware that a bounty hunter is hot on their trails. 

This is the episode where we meet the newest addition to the Providence crew, Tiger, who is initially hired by Taryn to track down Sinbad. I mentioned her in a previous post. 

Rumour has it, Tiger will be Sinbad’s love interest, and they won’t exactly get along despite the romantic tension between the two. What’s circulating at the moment is that they will have a deep connection but they refuse to get close to each other after they have both lost so much.

I’m hoping Tiger proves to be a great addition to the crew after the crushing exit of fan-favourite Nala. 

Either way, it’s great to see some new blood joining the crew.

*I have no clue who the dudes who appear in the photos other than the main cast are. 

Estella is no longer listed in the opening……